Thursday, February 23, 2006

Good PR day

Today was a good PR day for my portfolio company Vyatta. First, some folks started to pick up the Business2.0 article that was posted yerterday. Then, I presented the company at the ICSI conference in Berkeley in the afternoon. And, to top it all off, Om Malik was kind enough to follow up his Business2.0 article with a post on his giga-popular GigaOm site. That post got picked up in the blogosphere by lots of folks like Jeff Pulver.

As a VC, I wish all of my investments got this much press on a regular basis! Now, how do I make that happen? I guess that is part of the "adventure" of being a venture capitalist.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Uday Subbarayan said...

I have looked at XORP closely couple of years back and it's a good framework. I like the distributed architecture. Even the documentation was very good quality. I am sure you will have a great success in your new company.

Best wishes,
-Uday Subbarayan.


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