Friday, June 15, 2007

Good Morning Vietnam!

Here at Vyatta we use various web analytics tools to understand where our products have been distributed throughout the Internet. One of the interesting reports that these tools give us is the distribution of the Vyatta system globally by geography. As you may suspect, a large distribution of the Vyatta system (46.7%) is here in the US, followed by India (6.3%) and Germany (6.1%).

What surprised me was that the next country in the list was Vietnam!?! The value proposition of open source networking is clearly playing well in multiple global markets. But, why Vietnam? Sure, we're in places that are focused on both quality features and great price/performance as compared to other closed source vendors. But, there may be something else here - it may be that there are geographies and markets that have an intuitive understanding that being open and flexible are key advantages in networking. Or maybe, it's that the networking infrastructures in some geographies don't have the legacy issues of migrating off closed source vendors. In case you were wondering, here are the top 10 countries (and their percentage of active Vyatta systems that we know about):

1. United States: 46.7% 2. India: 6.3% 3. Germany: 6.1% 4. Vietnam: 3.8% 5. China: 3.4% 6. Poland: 3.0% 7. Canada: 2.8% 8. Malaysia: 2.7% 9. United Kingdom: 2.5% 10. Indonesia: 2.1%

A few of the more exotic (at least to me) places that the Vyatta system has reached are Botswana, Algeria, Malta, Kenya and Macedonia.

What are your thoughts on the geographies where the Vyatta system will have the most traction outside of the US?


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Interesting stats.


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