Monday, February 27, 2006

Da Money

I've been getting some emails from various people asking how we intend on making money at Vyatta. While we are not focused on that goal at the moment, the day will come where we'll have to pay some bills or the lights will go out.

Essentially what we are doing is being stewards and integrators of multiple open source projects for networking. We've integrated about 60+ projects into our image and are working on more everyday. We'll be pushing our all of our code developments back to the open source projects that we use, such as XORP. We want to foster and participate in a community of like-minded individuals that want to see open source software thrive in the networking world.

To generate revenue, we'll provide commercial support and service for our products. We don't intend to make our products closed source or to limit their distribution in anyway. In our minds, the more copies of Vyatta flung far and wide into the world the better.

We think that what is unique about Vyatta is that we offer an entire open source router/firewall distribution (including things like a CLI, GUI, VRRP, RADIUS, SNMP, serial line card drivers, etc.). We're not just doing a protocol stack that is loosely integrated with other components via Linux and we're not a closed product that was originally based on open source components. We offer up our entire product, source code included, to the world.

That being said, it's early in the game. We need help from the community to take our product, to fix it and to expand it.


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