Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Great to meet everyone!

We had another Vyatta Secret Society party last night and it was a great success! It was great to match faces with names and to meet new folks that have been watching our progress from the sidelines. More than a few folks have told me that they "have the product in the lab" or "are trying out the image for their office" - awesome news! We even had a few visitors drive up to see us from my alma mater on Tasman Drive (names being withheld to protect the innocent and ambitious :-).

The party would not have been nearly as much fun if we had not had the help of Michelle "the voice" Kelso from Arrowpath Venture Partners. Thanks Michelle - you are the best!

Dave, your cruise director, has promised to post pictures of the party soon. He'll have to get on that or we'll ask him to turn in his membership to the Lauren Tewes fan club.

We'll be having another party at Networld+InterOp in Vegas on May 2nd. We're still working on the final logistics, but you won't want to miss this one! Sign up on our website for the mailing list and we'll see you there!


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