Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The power of syndication

Since our public unveiling a week or so back I've been watching our web statistics on a daily basis. What is very interesting is our top webpage URLs:

So, thinking about this - the download page makes sense since put that link in their article on us (that was very cool!). Next, notice that the RSS pages have more hits than our homepage. That tells me that people have surfed to our homepage and then set up RSS readers to revisit our blogs and wiki. The number of hits makes sense to me because people might hit the homepage once and then use an RSS reader to see changes to the blogs and wiki multiple times.

While the hit rates make sense, the striking thing is that it appears that people are sufficiently intrigued by our story to have subscribed to our syndication. I interpret that to mean that the premise of our products and services are intriguing and people are using syndication to follow our progress. I guess the cynic in me might interpret this to be the same intrigue that causes people to watch a spider go down a drain, but I'm generally more optimistic than that :-)

Keep your RSS readers watching this space, we'll hopefully make you want to keep your subscriptions active.


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