Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Advisory Board, part 2

It's another busy day here at Vyatta galactic headquarters :-) A few more words on our recently announced advisory board members....

Dave Newman has been helping us for some time on product direction and recruiting great engineering talent into our company. When I first met Dave via a VC connection, he was somewhat skeptical about our company direction and technology. Yet, to paraphrase him "the more I thought about this, the more it made sense! How else do you make an impact on this market?!?" I spent a bunch of time getting to know Dave and now value his input on multiple areas of our business. We're glad to have Dave around and use his time and energy as much as we can. Free food in the office helps! (inside joke :-)

I've been friends with Simon Crosby for a number of years now and was an advisor to one of his past companies, CPlane. Everyone I know that knows Simon agrees that he is one of the sharpest people in networking and open source on the planet. His energy and enthusiasm in these areas is intense - eating dinner with Simon is part education, part networking technologies and part trying to keep up. :) I talk fast, but he thinks quicker! I bounced the idea of Vyatta past Simon before we built the team and he really liked it - so when the time came to form our advisory board he was a natural. It's rare to find someone who knows networking protocols inside and out and is conversant on open source licensing models. Now, let your mind bend around running multiple instances of the Vyatta OFR on a multi-core x86 platform for a large enterprise or service provider..... Pretty cool!

As I mentioned before, we'll be adding more folks to the advisory board in the future. Stay tuned!


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