Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nat Torkington on Open Source

Nat Torkington wrote an interesting blog post on open source titled "Is "Open Source" Now Completely Meaningless? that can be found here.

I really liked Nat's article, although I did find a few facts about Vyatta and our source code access incorrect. I've tried to post a comment to this article on the O'Reilly website, but when I post my comment I get a Movable Type error from their server. That's fine, I know sometimes things don't work as planned :)

Here is the comment I wrote on Nat's blog post - hopefully I'll get a chance to post this soon! :)


Hi Nat,

Thanks for the comments on Vyatta and our OFR. We have had our source code repository available since our inception and have a link to it on our public wiki here. The community that has been using this source code has mailing list that can be found here.

We encourage folks to build our product from source code and to modify it as they desire. For those that want to use the OFR but don't need to modify the source or compile from scratch, we do offer a .iso, as you point out, at this URL.

Admittedly, we could make the link to the source code more visible on our site - you do have to go to the Community section and then into the wiki - so thanks for the feedback.


UPDATE: I just heard from Nat and he's going to fix the Moveable Type problem so I can post my comment. You should see the above comment appear soon on his blog. Thanks Nat!

Friday, February 16, 2007 interview

Although I am not known as the voice of Vyatta, you can hear my interview on wsRadio that was taped yesterday here. I think the interview went well and it was fun to do, even if I was a bit nervous at the start! You can hear an interview with Kelly from back in August here as well. Please let us know what you think of the interviews!

Friday, February 02, 2007

OFR review by Nick Davey

I must admit that when I saw the Google alert I have setup on "vyatta" bring up this link, I was a bit worried. When you see a review of a product from "An Angry Geek", it will make any person involved with the product begin to wince.... That's why I was happy to see a well-balanced and fair review the OFR and it's functionality by Nick Davey here. Thanks Nick!