Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cross-post: GigaOm - Why Metered Broadband Is Bad for Microsoft, Google & Us

Usage-based pricing for the Internet appears to be headed our way and I think this will dramatically change consumer behavior. This could have serious implications for cloud computing and other content-driven business models. I wrote about this for Om here. Comments always welcome!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Intel Compute Power Just Increased 1000X

Earlier this month Intel began messaging to software developers to prepare for compute processors with "thousands of cores." I think the implication of this much compute power on the horizon will have dramatic affects on the development of dedicated ASICs for a wealth of applications. For networking products, like those from Vyatta, the implications are huge - imagine a core (or ten) per process doing VPN termination, encryption, anti-virus analysis, intrusion detection and so on. I wrote a bit about this for Om awhile back - this post might be worth revisiting for a refresher.