Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm afraid the rumors of IPV4s death are quite true...

Somehow, I missed the declaration by ARIN that it is finally time to move to IPv6. Good thing I have not held my breath since RFC 1883 came out on IPv6 in 1995 waiting for this moment.... The topic came up as Robert and I were out for drinks with a few friends last night at a bar in San Francisco. Yes, it is true, when networking geeks go out and party we talk about the wildest and raciest stuff ;)

Ars Technica has a good discussion of the technical issues around migrating the world from IPv4 to IPv6 along with some good insights on how to deal with the 8th layer of the OSI model (politics) during the migration.

I guess that this means two things for Vyatta: 1) it's a good thing that we have IPv6 support in the product and 2) in another few years even fewer people will understand how IP addressing works and network engineers will be valuable assets (I wrote on this awhile back over on GigaOm here). So, if you're a network engineer go brush up on your IPv6 addressing and protocols, implement your network migration using Vyatta and be prepared to be a scarce commodity for years to come.