Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Steady as she goes....

Here's the thing about being involved with a startup - the ride can be a bit choppy. The daily crests and troughs that you ride on the seas of a startup company are definitely exciting - albeit not for everyone. So, like every other startup, we here at Vyatta have daily waves that we need to ride.

I'm constantly reminded of a quote from a friend of mine who rode up the big waves with me during the dot.com bubble in the late '90s, "The ride up was pretty fun, but the ride down sure was exhilarating!"

The challenge for us and our community is to remember that we're on a long sail here. We can't change the networking industry over night or even over a month or two. Folks need to recall that Linux hit some pretty choppy water in the early days before things got into more smooth sailing (and that took years). And even at this point, I'm not sure that anyone at any of the Linux vendors would think that they are sailing on glass with the wind in their sails, but I'd contend that the seas are far smoother than they were a few years back.

So, steady as she goes.... Thanks for the help of our community and the interaction on the mailing lists and on our wiki. As we all sails these seas together I am confident that we'll be able to sail some great waves and navigate out of the troughs together!


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