Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The reach of open source software

I've been continually amazed over the past month or so how far and wide the message of Vyatta and what we are doing with the OFR has reached. Being somewhat narcissistic, we tend to use Google to search for "vyatta" every few days to see if someone new is out there trying the OFR and writing about it. More often than not, we find a new site writing about us or blogging about their experiences with the router/firewall. We truly try to reach out to all of these folks and thank them for trying the OFR and see if they have any good input for us.

Tonight, we found this article on the PC World Iran website. As you may guess, I can't read too many words of this article, but I'm assuming that this is a translation of one of the recent articles about us from Network World when I look at the byline.

I'm pretty amazed about the fact that a company that has been in the public spotlight almost exactly 2 months has some PR coverage in Iran! I guess I can attribute this to three factors: 1) The power of the Internet to disseminate information, 2) The power of search engines and the web to provide connections between sources of information and 3) The power and lure of open source software in the router/firewall market.

Now, if someone could please translate the article and tell us what it says and if we should be pointing to this as a shining example of the reach of open source software, that would be ideal :)

See you in Las Vegas next week! Party next Tuesday night!


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