Monday, May 01, 2006

Old friends, new friends, alcohol

Interop is finally here this week and we've been busy setting up meetings with various partners, analysts and press. Of course, the best meeting place for all of us is our panel on open source networking and the party at the Foundation Room tomorrow night. Info on both events can be found here.

I've been somewhat surprised as to the number of folks that have been following us and want to come by and party. Okay, I guess I'm not that surprised at the number of folks that want free alcohol and schwag - but still I hope the attraction is more about Vyatta than the view of the strip from the Foundation Room :) Like Dave Roberts, our Vyatta Cruise Director says, "If you like open source or you like routers or even both combined, come on by!"

Old friends and new friends let's unite tomorrow night. See you in Vegas!


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