Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Airlines - again....

Well, I thought I was making a difference. I wrote a blog entry about how the airlines needed to learn more about queuing theory and then a small miracle happened today. I was scheduled for a flight tonight at 6:30pm and when I got to the airport I found out my flight was delayed 2 hours because of a "delayed inbound aircraft." Hallelujah... they figured out how to see that a plane that left late might be late outbound on the next flight! No time warp miracles expected here. Even though I was delayed 2 hours, I felt good - I had made a small difference.

And then it happened - my flight got delayed another hour and a half. And, yes, it was for the same reason of "delayed inbound aircraft". So, let me get this straight, the plane was going to take another hour and a half to get to the airport? Once the airline had admitted that the flight was originally two hours late because of a delayed inbound aircraft (queuing theory again :) why not admit that it was going to be delayed three and a half hours on the inbound flight?

Ah, the glamour of business travel....


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