Thursday, June 22, 2006

Walking into R-Day

One of the first questions that nearly everyone asks me when I speak to them about Vyatta is, "So, how do you make money doing that?" I've written about this before, but we've been cagey on purpose as to not tip our hand to any potential competition....

Well, that day, Revenue Day (R-Day) may be upon us sooner than later. We're getting the code to a pretty solid state with our latest release and working feverishly on the bug list. We've also noticed that the number of downloads of our code is trending upwards, so we take that as a good sign!

Of particular interest to us are specific examples where folks are using the OFR for live traffic (lab testing or production). We've heard about a few networks where we are routing between lots of VLANS (40+!) and a few folks are using the OFR alongside a Cisco and using VRRP for redundancy (where we are the lead router and the Cisco is the backup :). If you have some examples to send to us, please tell us about it on the vyatta-users mailing list.

Back to R-Day and revenue.... You've probably noticed that we've partnered with Sangoma for WAN interfaces and that should lead you to believe that we'll have a reference hardware solution that you can buy with the OFR software pre-installed. The press has already covered this and there are lots of different hardware platforms that we're looking at for this revenue generating product. We're also prepping an innovative support offering that we think will be very compelling for folks running the OFR on our reference hardware or on their own compatible hardware. We just want to make sure that our support plans are solidly in place before we give our more details.

So, we're walking toward Revenue Day. We hope you'll find some of the products and services interesting!


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