Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fonality acquires trixbox

Tom Keating interviews Chris Lyman, CEO of Fonality, about their acquistion of trixbox today. Trixbox, also known as Asterisk@Home, provides a .iso image that turns a PC into an IP PBX.

Here at Vyatta, we think that projects that enable people to turn commodity PC hardware into nework devices need to be applauded - so we applaud the acquisition! Like we've said before, the cat is out of the bag for proprietary networking and telephony vendors that use closed hardware and software. Why do you need proprietary hardware for most network and telephony applications when you have the power and accessability of the Intel hardware platform flooding the market? Vyatta turns a PC into a router/firewall with a bootable .iso image. Fonality now does the same for an IP PBX. Do I see a trend here?


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