Tuesday, August 15, 2006

OFR + Asterisk - together at last?

As you can probably imagine, rarely a day goes by where I am not talking to people about Vyatta and the revolution of open source networking. Over the past few weeks I've noticed a pretty consistent trend in these conversations - people are asking me about running a single server with both the OFR and Asterisk simultaneously. The integration of voice and data services seems to be hot topic these days.

We're tracked interest in running other open source platforms on the OFR on a wiki page and Asterisk does make a showing there, but with votes both for and against. I think the argument for running the two together is the integration of multiple networking products and features on a single server that eases administration and deployment. I suspect that the argument against has to do with having the server be a single point of failure for both the voice and data networks. I don't know where I fall as both arguments are valid in various networking environments. However, I do feel passionately about giving the community a choice and seeing where the market evolves. Our closed source brethren seem to be focused on integrating multiple features on a single piece of proprietary hardware, so precedent is there in the market.

So, anyone out there want to make an image with both the OFR and Asterisk? Or maybe another open source networking package should be packaged into a single image first? If I go back to the Top Enhancements page of the wiki maybe the OFR should be bundled with the Looking Glass or nmap packages as a next step? Please let us know your thoughts!


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