Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's 100 degrees and Robert's feelin' alright!

I've known our CTO, Robert Bays, for many years. We've worked together at many companies here in the SF Bay Area (Digital Island, Telegis Networks, Proficient Networks) and one topic of conversation that we always have is about the heat (or lack thereof) in the local climate. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Allan: Wow, it's hot out there - like 80 degrees!
Robert (wearing a leather jacket and gloves): This is nothing. It's always too cold here.
Allan: Are you crazy?  It's hotter then hell!
Robert: Anything less than 100 degrees is downright nippy.
Allan: Where did you grow up again?
Robert: Texas. Sigh... I have to remind you of this every week.
Allan: I can't wait for it to cool down again.
Robert: Time to break out the ski parka.

Well, the local weather has been downright brutal the past week with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees in many locations, including Vyatta Galactic HQ. Combine the heat outside with the hot product launch this week and it's a scorcher! Robert must be feeling alright!


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